Things Photography

I photograph things – shiny things, things we eat, things we want, we need, things we must have, things we can touch and wear or put onto our walls.
From man made products to the most delicate flowers, from the fruits from the garden to beautiful paintings and sculptures made with love and skills by talented creatives.

Oysters and caviar

Food photography

My food photography covers shoots of menus for restaurants and cafes, to fine dining at beautiful hotels and simple menus.
Shoots can be in the controlled environment of a studio or on location, I work with chefs or stylists.
 The result is always great images images to sell to your customers.
2 drinks on a bar
Ayla Original Weekender bag

Product photography

From corporate gifts to designer clothing and accessories, factory products and food for your pets. Shoots can be done on location, where products are designed and manufactured, in the factories or the shops where the finished products are sold, or within a studio space, where there is so much more control for lighting and getting the images for your marketing.
Salad bowl and 2 serving utensils
Hand made ring

The photography of jewellery

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Stunning gemstone earrings
Labradorite pendant
fine art painting

Fine art and sculpture reproduction

This is niche photography, fine art reproduction is for paintings and sculpture, other works of art and installations.
The photographs from these shoots that can be used to make print runs to sell copies of fine art, or to supply to online websites so the art can be sold all over the world. 
The images can be used for online marketing and advertising exhibitions, as well as for books, for galleries and events or simply for high quality archives.
The images are shot with a 50 Megapixel camera, colour checked and lit to ensure soft and even lighting, so that every colour is as the artist decided for that canvas, every brush stroke and each nuance and texture captured as was created.
Painting of a lion
Painting of plants



BLOGS & Stories

Fashion and Jewellery photography

Sometimes collaborations allow creatives to come together I can create amazing images for each of them.

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Ayla Originals

There is always something extraordinary about being around at the birth of an idea; as it becomes a reality. I saw the individuality and passion in the Ayla Originals and was drawn to working with Michelle.

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