Architectural and Interior photography

This was where my love of commercial photography began; holiday homes in Tuscany and real estate in London. This is where I fell in love with the photography of the places we live in and the spaces inside them, and around them.

Architectural and interior photograph is a core of my business, photographing where we live, where we work, where we play, where we go and eat.
I photograph homes, apartments and villas, offices, factories, and workshops, hotels, restaurants and bars, show homes for developments and real estate. Places and spaces we inhabit.

Dining room in a large house at sunset

Interior photography

Interior photography is not nearly as easy or simple as most people think, and to capture the essence and feel of a space properly needs time, thought and planning. The time of day is essential to capture the mood, additional lighting is often needed to compliment any natural light and the lighting installed.
I photograph interiors and exteriors with an appreciation of the design of the space. 
 Time is needed to complete shoots like these properly; bringing out the essence of the interior, the story to be told.
Great images are needed to sell a home, to invite a guest into your hotel, to show off your new offices, and these are the reasons you want my images.
A Penthouse apartment
Buffet laid out for breakfast
These shoots need time and thought – Styling and presentation is essential. The space needs to be tidy and presentable, whether an apartment for sale, a holiday villa or hotel or an office space. I am telling the story of this space and it must look good enough to sell.

Exterior photography

Exterior photography is even more important to get right, the weather, the time of day position of the sun or moon all play a vital part in capturing the image.
15 on Orange Cape Town
View of the Arabella Hotel and Spa
Composition is vital as I have to show off a building or space that has had so much time and money invested in creating and it is my job to show your clients and customers this place.

My clients include:

  • interior designers
  • architects
  • manufacturers of materials for the construction industry
  • owners and managers of properties
  • marketing agencies
  • developers
  • hotel chains
  • creatives involved with interiors and exteriors
La Garrone, Franschhoek
Fast food chain building at sunrise
Protea Hotel Menlyn at sunset

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