Having an up to date photograph of yourself is essential, whether for social media or for your professional platforms. You are your brand, you are seen by the people you love, you work with you work for you spend time with.
If you are in the public eye, are the representative of your company then frequent fresh images are essential to remind your client base, your followers, your customers that you are out there.
If you look at any professional business persons instagram feed, you will see different photographs of them shared several times a month or more. This is brand awareness, this is self marketing and its essential in this world of so many faces being seen everywhere.

People, mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, siblings, friends and strangers, lovers and haters, we all share a connection we are humanity.
Photography of people is used for many reasons – from keeping memories of families as we grow, to capturing moments. From telling stories and teaching, to selling products and services.
People appear in most of the photographs taken each and every day, just look at facebook, instagram, LinkedIn and on the ever updated profile photographs and of course selfies.

My people photography includes:

  • Head shots
  • Portraits
  • Models – clothing / accessories / products
  • Lifestyle
  • Events

People photography helps tell your story

Who you are, and allows you to say what you are, and the incredibly important – why do do something.
People photography reinforces your followers who you are, it reminds you customers your loyal clients of what you do and how you do it.
People photography sells your products and services.

Corporate headshot photograph business woman

head shots and portraits

Head shots are for advertising and marketing yourself or key members of in your business. Advertising who you are as a personality or someone in the public eye.

These are essential for professionals; whether profiles for websites or powerful images LinkedIn and other social media platforms, for articles about you or your company.

Ideal for sports personalities, coaches and other professionals where they are the face of the business.


  • high profile people – CEO’s etc, owners of businesses, market leaders.
  • professionals – doctors, lawyers, authority figures, teachers.
  • coaches – Sports coaches, business coaches, life coaches etc.
  • people who represent themselves, eg. builders, architects, accountants,  they are are their services.
  • sports men and women
  • actors, actresses
  • heads of companies, key players in your company or industry.
Head shot for a pilot
Scientist examining samples on a slide

People in the workspace

These can be what you or your company offers in terms of services or products, from financial to food, from developing a new residential estate to showing off the robustness of a specialised machined part for medical use.
These photographs can be of staff and clients within the corporate environment, people at work in factories, in construction, bars, restaurants, hotels – serving other people as they go about their work or play.

Team photographs showing commitment to each other and celebrating another successful quarter and achieving the sales.
Part built yacht being rotated
Triathlete - swim


Sports men and Sports women, coaches, thought leaders, presenters and teachers running seminars and educating others on the products the the services they provide. From life skills and business skills to the sports coach on the track before sunrise, pushing his or her team ever closer to that race.

Showcase your experience as a tutor, a coach or trainer as you teach, educate, inform and share. Presenting at seminars or in small groups or carefully managing intimate breakout sessions.


People in photographs are integral in the stories. They help customers identify with what we are offering or selling. It may be a dream holiday where you are pampered and can take time out.
Two ladies on sun loungers toasting cocktails
Playing golf at the Arabella Hotel and Spa
A chance to get some fresh air and exercise on the golf course.

Good images are essential to help promote a lifestyle customers inspire to enjoy for a while.

On the human form

The human form is the ultimate stage to sell the products we wear, we adorn ourselves with or touch and use with our hands. From designer clothes, to hand made jewellery, the food and drinks we consume, models are used to sell us the things we want and desire.
Beautiful earrings on a model
I photograph the beauty of the human form and pretty and shiny and yummy and wanted and needed and desired and wished for items that a person can be used to sell anything with.
Bridal dress shoot
Bridal dress shoot

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