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Your business is more than the production services that you sell. It is the why and how to every business and company. It is more than the shop and your online store. It is more than the manufacturing process or the products you sell.  Your business has a story, and that story is your knowledge and skills, the passion and culture in the workspace.

Banding with photography is using great photographs to tell your ongoing story to existing and potential clients and customers. It is the creation of fresh photographs for your social media and blog posts. These new images are essential when your business has new products and services you want to tell your customers and clients about.
I can help you to tell your story with engaging photography.

This is what I do with Branding Photography. I tell your stories.

Personal Branding

The wellness coach talking informally with a few of her clients during a break-out session during the workshop she's running for a small company.
People around a table
Man in front of a sculpture


A while ago, Robin invited me to a private openong of his latest works and I suggested that we do capture a few image to help with his social marketing campaign. I photographed him in front of one of his most famous pieces and then a series of smaller pieces that would be present at the opening.
These 4 photographs and a selection of other images were successfully used to tell a little more of his story and help with his personal branding.
Bronze horse sculpture
Bronze horse sculpture
Bronze horse sculpture


Banding with photography is using images to tell your ongoing story to existing clients and customers and as importantly, to those who want to know what you provide or create or do as a business.
Man pouring hot milk into a jog
Chef preparing food
View of the Arabella Hotel and Spa

Lifestyle shoots or STORIES

These shoots are often people selling products or services, showing how something will be used or to add interest to a scene

  • enjoying a pink gin and tonic at a tasting
  • selling the experience the golf course
  • informal break out session during a conference
  • a relaxing spa session in a peaceful resort
Two ladies on sun loungers toasting cocktails
Room in a spa
Head Chef - Arabella Hotel & Spa

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BLOGS & Stories

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