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Eunice of Omari Designs contacted me and asked me if I would photograph her new range of clothes. Omari is African fashion; bright, vibrant colours, distinctive designs and original cuts, all combined to make Omari Designs a uniquely South African brand. Eunice wanted some great photography to help sell her work. Her team were travelling down from Johannesburg, so she asked me if I knew a suitable venue that would be suitable for a shoot.

Photograph of a model wearing designer clothing and handcrafted jewellery
Photograph of a model wearing designer clothing and handcrafted jewellery

I have photographed many suitable places along the Atlantic Seaboard, and I knew of just the place. CB Villa in Camps Bay was that luxury villa. Accommodation Hunter manages the villa, and I have photographed it a couple of times, so a phone call later and it was confirmed.


I mentioned to Eunice that I knew jeweller called Susan von Zahn. Susan makes beautiful handcrafted bracelets and rings using The Lost Wax Process to mould her silver designs. She also works silver and semi-precious stones into pendants and accessories.
I had done a shoot for her earlier in the year, and I knew she would be interested in getting images of her work with people in them, not just jewellery on a stand.
I suggested they speak to each other; this shoot would be an opportunity to bring these two creatives together, bring their skills and products together, and I would be able to provide each with images of their products.
This collaboration enabled Omari designs to meet Susan’s clients and Susan von Zahn to meet Omari’s clients. This collaboration would bring Omari’s fashion to Susan’s clients and vice versa.

They did not need this much encouragement to agree to work together.

Terrace overlooking Lions Head
Luxurious Villa in Camps Bay

The following morning the team arrived, makeup was carefully applied, clothes and hairstyling was creatively prepared, and the shoot commenced.
Everyone worked hard that day; we had more than eight spaces around the villa to light and shoot in, and a dozen designs to photograph.

BTS - preparations for the shoot
BTS - preparations for the shoot
BTS - preparations for the shoot

Some of the photographs

Shoots like this are very successful; the jewellery designer has more than just her beautiful items on a display to show her work. The fashion designer has gorgeous accessories to decorate her models to compliment her work.

Omari returned to Johannesburg with many images from the day, and Susan received images that show off her unique work on some beautiful people.

There was a willingness from everyone to work together, to bring different designs and skills to evolve two conventional shoots in into something more fun and exciting that day. Eunice and Susan gained new markets and potential clients from choosing to collaborate that day.  

You can find more information about Omari on Instagram @omari_za.
You can find more information about Susan von Zahn Jewellery on Instagram @svz_jewellery or her website.
Here is a link to some testimonials including one from Eunice and one from Susan.

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