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I photograph many subjects; from massive developments to holiday rentals. Meals created for cafes and restaurants, products you sell for to clients and customers. Tiny pieces of beautiful jewellery and fine art reproductions of your paintings and sculptures.
People, headshots, fashion and accessories; and lifestyle shoots of how and why you work.
I have categorised my work into 4 discrete parts.


I photograph people in many envrionments and for many applications. Head-shots, portraits, people at work and images for personal and corporate branding; the representative of your company or you as a business person, the coach, the team leader or CEO.
Lifestyle photographs showing how you go about your business.
Frequently updated photographs of you and your team are so vital, as they remind your customers and clients who you are.


I photograph the spaces and places we live, love, work and play in and around.
I work for various hotel groups, and holiday rental agencies. My clients include architects, interior designers, real estate agents and developers. I work for private owners of homes and apartments, and small businesses.
I work with marketing agencies to supply them photographs for their clients. I work for the suppliers and fitters working in these spaces.


Big things, small things, yummy things and shiny things. Things for your home, for you to wear, to enjoy and love.
Food photography, fine-art reproduction photography, products and jewellery photography. Clothes and accessories; displayed on a person or within its own beauty.

‘Things’ is the simple word for what we love and use and consume in every way each day.
Personal Branding
Robin Kutinyu
Banding with photography is using great photographs to tell your ongoing story to existing and potential clients and customers. It is the creation of fresh photographs for your social media and blog posts. These new images are essential when your business has new products and services you want to tell your customers and clients about.
I can help you to tell your story with engaging photography.


We see images everywhere; scattered through social media, over websites, and printed in books, magazines and advertisements. We see pictures on cell phones and computers, on the TV, in adverts, and as we walk down the streets or in the malls.

Attracting and catching peoples attention requires photographs that genuinely stand out. You need these images to show your clients, your customers; current and new; who and what you are, and what you offering.

My role as the photographer is to provide you with the best images to help you sell yourself, your business, your products and services.
It is not just the images that need to be ideal but the details in the photography. That extra effort I take in creating these photographs for you will bring the attention, the enquiries and the conversions and sales.
The art of bringing an image to life
That art is presenting a story from each photograph. It may be a moment captured or the product of days of preparation; waiting for the right light and a team of people to prepare for that photograph.
My photographs tell your stories. Stories of places to stay, to visit, of places to eat and have fun and enjoy.
To tell about great food, great times – a reason to go somewhere.
To show off new clothes, new designs, new products and services.

This is me

Good photography is essential to tell any story
Whether you need images so sell a wonderful holiday experience or photographs to create an ambience to bring them into a restaurant.
Maybe you need current photographs of yourself and your team to let your clients know its business as usual.
When it comes to photographing people, I will make the shoot an experience. A shoot that allows each person to enjoy the moment to settle into being themselves. I need to see that person as they actually are. There is no value in merely capturing that awkwardness that so often appears at the start of a shoot.

Good photography takes planning, it takes experience, and an understanding of the subject and the tools I use. Creativity is time hungry, and the result of bringing all this into a curated shoot is an experience that brings your images to life.

Indulge yourself and take a journey through my galleries.
Read the stories behind some of the shoots, and you will gain an understanding about how I shoot, and why I love my craft of photography.
Check out the testimonials from delighted clients and know that you will get that same exceptional service they received from me.

Allow me to help you bring your products and services to your market with my photographs. I will help you advise and delight and engage your customers, your clients and your peers.


Some comments from previous clients
  • I met Hamish through our Business Networking International (BNI) network when he became a member of the BNI Titans chapter. His love for the chapter and dedication towards giving quality referrals quickly stood out. I had personal experience with Hamish when I commissioned him to do a photoshoot at our Deli. His attention to detail, commitment to follow-through until the job is perfectly done and soft approach have stood out for me. I would recommend Hamish to shoot people, places and products any time.
    42 on Sonneblom Deli

    Anneke van Vuuren

  • Working with Hamish was an absolute pleasure and privilege. We have shot 3 luxury villas together so far. Hamish was so accommodating to my very specific requests but he is an absolute professional and I learnt very quickly to trust him at what he does best which is producing the most magnificent images! I highly recommend and getting Hamish on your any photographic jobs if he is available, he really is the best in the business. Thank you so much and I look forward to our next project.

    Alexis Hersch

  • Not all photographers CAN photograph Fine Art, so when I met Hamish it was an answer to my prayers. His images are perfect for making prints of my original work, no matter what size. With his help artists can generate a much bigger income than just selling the original work.
    It is a pleasure working with him from start to finish. 
     First class!
    Art of Kleyn - Prophetic Artist

    Ilse Kleyn - Prophetic Artist

  • "Using Hamish Niven Photography to capture images of my new up and coming brand was one of the best decisions I have made in a while.
    His approach was professional, while still adding that personal touch that made it a joy working with him. The result of the images truly captured the essence of my products and exceeded my wildest expectations.
    He’s an awesome photographer and was the creative in making my work come to life"
    The Travel Bag

    Michelle Grové - Ayla Originals

  • I have been working with Hamish Niven in a professional capacity for over 10 years now. He has become more than just the person taking photos of the villas we market – he now is the only person I trust with taking the photos. In my business photos are by far the most important aspect of our marketing strategy, and Hamish has been pivotal in the growth and stability of my business throughout the years. He brings total style and class to the marketing and makes it so much easier to sell our nights. Truth be told, I could not have a successful villa rental company without that side being totally perfect. And he gives me that perfection.
    One Hilltop

    Esta-Marita Opperman - Owner of Sea Sky

  • It's been such a pleasure working with Hamish on the various Signatura Property shoots over the years. His photography is exceptionally good and his can-do attitude makes working together effortless. I can highly recommend him as your go-to photographer.
    Grant Caithness Art Director

    Grant Caithness - Art Director Machete Creative

  • “I have been in the fortunate position of being able to use Hamish’s photographic skills to showcase my own business and personal profile. I have also been privy to all the work he has done within a network that we both belonged to. His professionalism is apparent in the observing the ease with which he does his work…he is committed to and absorbed by the subject to be photographed and is also able to ensure that the “model” is at ease too. The shoots he has done for a business - whether a venue, staff and/or products or models have always had a fresh crisp and engaging look and feel. I would recommend his services for the Company Headshots as well as for those special shots to speak to your clients emotively through pictures. We buy with our eyes I believe and soon that will become the way you communicate more regularly as the results speak for themselves“
    Marlene Self and More - Integrated Coaching

    Marléne Nunes - Self & More Integrative Coaching

  • For the last 10 years, Protea Hotels by Marriott has entrusted Hamish Niven with capturing images of hotels in our portfolio, in the most captivating way. A consummate professional, he has always been an efficient, capable and reliable partner to work with and trusted by our hotels. A visual story-teller, this shows in the way he captures shots, which is especially critical in the hotel industry, where images need to sell the room. I would certainly recommend Hamish for hotel and architectural photography.
    Protea Hotel Fire & Ice! Pretoria Menlyn

    Janis Aranes - Assistant Brand Manager

  • Dear Hamish.
    I just can’t stop looking at the incredible photographs you took for me. You have made my pieces
come alive and I’m so excited to start work on my new website using such fantastic images.
    Almost more important than just the excellent photographs though, is the wonderful experience I
had spending creative time with you. I found the entire process inspiring. I'm grateful for your
innovative approach and the "cool, calm and collected" manner in which you work.
    Your easy-going generosity and engaging manner put me at ease and I really appreciate how
carefully you listened to me and interpreted the brief. 
    Testimony to that is brought out in the
    Congratulations and thank you.
    Handcrafted pendant

    Susan Von Zahn - SvZ Jewellery

  • Hamish Niven photographed my products in October 2019. Working with Hamish is such a pleasure. He makes the whole experience quick, easy but most importantly professional. Hamish understood my brief perfectly and was also able to add his own artistic flair while keeping with my request. The result is beautiful, sophisticated photographs of colloidal silver bottles and frequency treatment machines. I highly recommend hamishNIVEN photography to capture the essence of your company or brand.
    Helen Hanson - Wellness practitioner

    Helen Hansen, Wellness Practitioner

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